We are currently in the process of collecting the signatures to put our initiative on the ballot in 2013, and we need your help!

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Live and registered to vote in Iowa City? Fill in the form below, and we'll come and collect your signature in person!


We are actively seeking volunteers to help meet our signature quota by the April submission deadline!

We have until April 1st to collect 2,500 signatures. There is huge support for our effort in the community, and we are getting more and more traction every day, but at the same time we are in the final stretch of the campaign, and to make sure we succeed we need more people on the ground collecting signatures, organizing events, canvassing their neighborhood, and spreading the word.

If you are passionate about this issue and don't want to see traffic cameras installed in our city, we need your help!

Fired up? Drop us email at team@stopbigbrother.org, or simply come to the group's next weekly meeting at the Iowa City Public Library at 1pm this Saturday!

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